The Healing Process

Your body has an amazing healing ability that is often overlooked. Take for example a large, deep cut on your skin that may require stitches to bring the edges of the wound closer together. Your body heals naturally; the stitches only assist in that process, allowing the healing to occur smoothly and effectively. Osteopathy similarly recognizes and promotes your own healing ability to address ailments and/or traumas.

Your Body’s Natural Expression of Health


Your body has an innate vitality and naturally seeks health. Health is a process of dynamic equilibrium of interconnections involving your musculoskeletal, nervous, immune, vascular, lymphatic and internal organ systems, providing an overall sense of wellbeing.  — read more

Engaging Your Body’s Natural Healing Ability

Each individual is unique in their response to trauma and their ability to heal. The key to acknowledging this uniqueness in a meaningful way as an osteopath is engaging your body in a thoughtful and respectful manner, recognizing that your body, emotion and mind comprises a complex system that is expressing health at any given moment.  — read more

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