Key concepts in treatment

Keep in mind these three essential concepts while engaging your body’s natural ability to heal in an Osteopathy session:

1. The discomfort or pain you are experiencing is a symptom as a way your body compensates for an underlying issue, rather than the root cause or source itself. As a result, the session may include engaging parts of your body other than the location where you are experiencing the discomfort or pain.

20150814_1625572. Your body heals at its own pace and healing may not always appear as a consistent progression of improvement. Moreover, not all discomfort or pain can be resolved, although they may be eased. Having expectations of specific improvements within specific time frames can inadvertently place limits on your healing process. Maintaining an open mind to the nature of what may be revealed, your own innate healing ability, and your body’s response to treatment encourages your healing process.

3. Osteopathy is most effective when you are present and engaged, rather than passive. Through creating a safe space where you can be present and engaged in your current physical, emotional, mental and energetic state without judgement or criticism. Chris may utilize pranayama (breath movement and regulation) and Reiki to assist you with engaging your vitality.