Debrief and self-care after a session

Christine conducts a debrief to review what occurred during the session. This is offered as an opportunity to help you understand what you experienced during the session in connection to your discomfort or pain. We may identify possible connections between your actual source of pain and other symptoms you may be experiencing, discuss your body’s response to treatment, as well as bring awareness to possible activities in your everyday life that may be contributing to or aggravating discomfort or pain. The debrief may also inform potential direction for future sessions if needed.


After the session, you may feel improved health and increased range of motion, movement and energy as your body continues the healing process. The healing process takes time. It is important that you do NOT engage in vigorous activity or other treatments (such as acupuncture or physical therapy) for a day or two to allow your body to rest and heal.

You may also feel some soreness after a session; drink more water as this will help flush metabolites and waste products that were previously trapped in your body.

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