What to expect during an Osteopathic Treatment

There are a variety of Osteopathic treatments, including ones as subtle as light touch to an area of the body to engage your body’s innate ability to heal.  You might only need a single treatment for a minor, acute medical condition. However, chronic medical issues or trauma, of require multiple sessions over a period of time.

During or after an osteopathy session, you may feel a release (physical, emotional and/or mental), decreased pain, increased range of motion, improved muscle and joint movements, improved respiratory and digestive health, improved flow through the cerebrovascular and lymphatic systems, relaxation, a sense of balance or harmony, and a change in the perception or understanding of your body, or you might not feel a distinct change. You may come to recognizing that your body comprises a complex system that is expressing health at any given moment.

Each individual is unique in their response to ailments or traumas along with their ability to heal due to genetic differences, nutritional, psychological or sociocultural factors, prior injuries, and other environmental factors. Health is a process that requires care and time. Healing does not often occur in a linear fashion. To help your body through this process, you may consider reducing your level of strenuous activity after a session and engaging in other forms of self-care.

“To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease.” — Dr. A.T. Still

Key Concepts in Treatment

Keeping these three essential concepts in mind during a session will facilitate your body’s natural ability to heal

Preparing for a session

Please read this before you come to your first session.

Debrief and self-care after a session

A few ways to support your body in recovery.

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